«Angels of Night»: A documentary by UNICEF for child prostitution.
The author Manos Kontoleon, will present the objectives of The Organization.

The wedding in Ancient Greece, a production of Educational Television and then will follow the presentation of its young producers.

Short animated
Ergo by Geza M Toth, Hungary 2008, 12’

Short Fiction
Tic Tac Toe by Romain Raynaldy, France, 2008, 11’

Copernicus’ Star by Zdzislaw Kudla & Andrzej Orzechowski, Poland, 2009, 90’

Short animated
When Apples roll by Reinis Kalnaellis, Latvia, 2009, 7’

Short Fiction
Classes vertes by Alexis van Stratum, Belgium / France, 2008, 18’

A Cargo to Africa by Roger Cantin, Canada, 2009, 90’


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