Day 1, Saturday 11 December 2010

After the usual ceremony in the Apollo Theatre, the 13th Film Festival and the 10th Camera Zizanio started on Saturday evening. Only this time, the protocol was subverted. In the front, honorary row, where the official guests are usually seated, this time, the children from Russia were in their place, sitting in their wheelchairs.

(Loran Fulop)

Children from the Kids Animation Sudio DA which has been organized on a voluntary basis by Russian artists in St Petersburg in order to offer the fun of creation to children who have to deal with great problems in life.

The main part of the ceremony was dedicated to Camera Zizanio, which has its 10th year anniversary and moves on to the next phase in its development, Camera Zizanio Next, as its artistic director, Nikos Theodosiou, announced, with an opening towards the Mediterranean countries and the world. And this part of the ceremony closed with the surprise from our friends from Nice, Serbia, who brought a special birthday cake with them.
Mrs Eirini Gavala, representing ERT, announced the beginning of a great collaboration between National TV, educational TV, the Ministry of Education and the Olympia Film Festival which involves youth video competitions and the promotion of the Olympia Festival and Camera Zizanio activities via the national television network, throughout the world.

The artistic director of the Olympia Film Festival, Dimitris Spyrou, emphasized the resolution of all who are involved in it, to continue, despite the hardships and the hurdles in this, unique for our country, festival. The opening of the Festival was pronounced by the head of the organising committee of it, the Prefect of Ilia, Mr Kafyras. The prefecture of Ilia is the basic financial supporter and sponsor of the Festival. And the simple opening ceremony, came to its close with the youth band Alma, who roused the young audience!
On saturday noon, the first part of the cinematography workshop with participants from schools from Preveza, Marathona and Pargha, took place. And on Sunday, the Greek Section of the Camera zizanio concludes its screenings, which have started on Friday afternoon, and from Monday and onwards the screenings for the European and International Section, take place.



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