An interview from Diana Groo

The director of: VESPA

ZIZANIA: Can you tell us a few things about your movie? About its plot, the way the movie starts?

DIANA: It’s a quite a brief story. It’s a road movie about a gypsy boy that wins a vespa-scooter by accident, playing cards. He wins a coupon in a chocolate paper and decides to go to the capital. He is angry, he’s never been at the capital before while he’s looking for his father, too.

ZIZANIA: Tell us how the movie came here, and your opinion about the festival.

DIANA: Well, I have no idea how the movie came here, we ve been to many festivals, but I really enjoy this festival, even though I‘ve been here for very short time..

ZIZANIA: Have you been to Pyrgos before?

DIANA: No, no, no

ZIZANIA: In Greece in general?

DIANA:Yes, when I was a teenager, with my family.

ZIZANIA: How many years have you been in this festival?

DIANA: None! It’s my first time to this festival and I’m really surpised about that. My movie took place in some big festivals before like Montreal, Vancouver etc…

ZIZANIA:What’s your opinion on the first movie of the night?

DIANA: I haven’t watched all of it but I think the selection was very good. I didn’t like the animation and the short film but I saw some documentaries in the morning and I really liked them. Tomorrow I’m leaving so my stay is very short.

ZIZANIA:Would you come again?

DIANA:Yes! Definitely!

ZIZANIA: Do you have any wish for the festival the participants, the other movies or next year’s festival?

DIANA: In general it’s a very nice, friendly and familiar organization, and that is very important because young people are participating to the workshops. It’s a really good thing that young people really believe in us.

I also believe that this festival offers really big opportunities for the youth to be classy. It’s hopeful that in the middle of this crisis this festival is alive .

ZIZANIA: Ok thank you!

Κων/να Σκουτέρη

Γιώργος Προκόπος

Έστα Τσαπερδώνα



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