Hello everybody, from the Netherlands!

Hello everybody,

Our names are Leonie, Anouk and Eva and we are Dutch visitors of the Camera Zizanio festival. In Holland we have a similar festival and we won a trip to Greece. It’s a great honor to be here. The difference between this festival and ours is that here different nationalities come together. We think it’s very nice to have different countries represented in this festival because we think you can learn a lot from each other. We met lots of very nice people from Spain, Lithuania and Greece. We are joining the mythos project here. The main idea of that project is that people from other countries make short video’s about the crisis in Greece and everything that comes with it. Everybody has a different perspective on the crisis so every video is very different from the other. This Saturday all video’s will be put together so they can be shown.

Now we are enjoying the last days of Camera Zizanio and we’re very glad we had the opportunity to come here and represent our country. We hope this festival will continue to take place so that lots of people can enjoy it as much as we do now.

Leonie Modderkolk(16), Anouk Koppelaar(17) and Eva Pas(17), the Netherlands.



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