Roman, Boris, Luba

     Conversation with the group from Russia

Dog Side Story, Empty Room, Explanations, Guests, Easy to fly, The very first song and Siddhartha are this years’ movies, created by the group of Russia from the workshop DA, that has two meanings, yes and detskaya animatsiya(kids animations).
Generally, the DA organizes classes of animation for children with genetic diseases and children with family problems, such as abandoned children, children that one of the parents is in jail, abused children and any king of child that has similar experiences. This organization gives the children the opportunity to create heroes, stories and give life to their favorite fairytale or story. They are trying to be inspired by stories or legends that have a deeper meaning, but at the same time a meaning that is being easily understood by the children.
Kids now….
We had the chance to meet three children that participate in these workshops. But we better let them tell their story by themselves.

I am in these workshops for three years. The truth is that I can’t remember exactly how I decided to participate, but I liked it very much from the first time. I am enjoying very much the process of making the movies. These movies are like the second personality I have, the second me. I like drawing and every part of creating the movie is very special and enjoyable for me. The story that I like the most is Siddhartha, because it has birds in it, and I have a parrot. I would like to do this job professionally and continue it.
Moto of life:”Enjoy your life”

I remember that my mother one day came at home and told me that in the afternoon we would go somewhere to watch a workshop about animations. At first I was afraid and anxious and I wasn’t so excited about it. But when we went to the workshop I knew I was meant for it. I love being an animator, and doing backgrounds. DA has changed many locations, but I love the offices that we have at the moment. In the organization there was a competition, in which we had to draw bicycles. I won this competition, and my drawing is now on T-shirts and also the professional cards of DA have on it some pieces from this bicycle. I knew I was a wonderful artist after this competition (laughs).  I admire Roman for his plots; I would like to be like him. I remember one day telling me that good mood and inspiration is what it takes to create a good cartoon. My favorite movie of all is The Very First Song.
Moto of life: «If you want to succeed you have to do it through difficulties and then you will definitely succeed.”
My aunt called me one day and asked me if I wanted to participate in the workshops of animations with children with difficulties. The first workshop that I had been in was in an oncologist hospital. I have no problem in working with other children with difficulties. I like drawing a lot and I love giving life to my heroes. I would like to do that as a profession. My favorite movie is The Very First Song. I have been in some festivals in Russia, but I am enjoying this one as well.
Moto of life: ¨Never give up”.

Thank you very much guys and keep up the great job that you are doing.
Βυθούλκα Γιώτα
Μπαλάσκας Νίκος (φιλική συμμετοχή)



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