Possidonio Cachada

Do you want to come back to Festival?
Yes this is my second time here.
How was the whole experience at the Festival?
It is a great experience bacause you can see many interesting films and also with the Zizanio and everything and I think that is very good and everybody learning things and having fun and that’s a good thing.
What is your opinion about the movies?
In general, I think  the movies are good, there are coming from different countries, and you have a variety of films  short, feature , animation and  everything.
What do you think about the fact that festival did happen , although there were doubts about  this?
Well I  think that’s great, it is fantastic. I think that the main point is that the festival did happen and that if you want something you will find the way to do it.
What is the main fact you take into account for judging?
Ok, that is a very difficult question, because it  is not just one but several things. But mainly what are you looking for is a good film. So a good film is made from different things, like a  very good script,good directing. But I still think that I want to see a good story.
Αναστασία Δρακοπούλου



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